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what your idea to stop russia-ukraine war?  
certainly not easy

Ever read, scientist Nikola Tesla's idea to prevent war is that each nation was made an 'electromagnetic fortress' so that weapons come out & from outside it is not possible

or waiting for Avatar Aang (cartoon character)? Smile

ok let's analyze:
each nation was made an 'electromagnetic fortress'
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drone view downtown Denver, CO  
4k drone footage

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pool builder denver
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Canyon Country Santa Clarita by drone  
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tree service santa clarita
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Irvine, CA by drone - hight view  
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[ecology] maintain optimism taking care of the earth  
when forest fires occur, even in developed countries. I really regret that this happened.
although it happens almost every year. mostly in america, australia

while on other occasions, some promote reforestation.
Well, it can't be denied that this earth is one unit with life in it. even though forest fires in other countries, will affect the world's climatic conditions

Regardless of human development & political aspects, this time I focus on how to prevent forests from burning

Because of the importance of the existence of the forest, it simply needs strong maintenance ... more
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earth will always exist?  
sometimes we hear what is considered 'scientific' news/opinion,
that the earth, sun, or even the universe will be destroyed / vanish
end then ... re-formed again or forever disappear
as if the opinion is scary. or made to scare   Big Grin

so, what if the earth will always exist?
what is the reason?
04-01-2022, 06:54 PM - Replies (1)

Insurance Philosophy & Spiritualism  
Insurance that comes from the word insure = in+ sure. sure related to belief, beliefness, religious
What makes us sure (guaranteed) If in the insurance plan, which guarantees savings / premium. Like a bank, insurance is a special savings for certain purposes.

Insurance business includes, health, education, accident (for physical human orvehicle), life/death insurance etc
The insurance business has potential in rich-moderat countries, while in certain developing countries it is not very significant.
some bankrupt, other related the company problem-skandal.

in developing ... more
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How to check Battery health in android Thumbs Up
The Best Apps For Checking Android Battery Health

We explain the different methods above if the above doesn’t provide the information you need. A third-party app offers a backup. Here are some excellent candidates for the job: 
  • AcuBattery by Digibits
  • Processor-Z by CPUID
  • MacroPinch Battery
You can view details such as voltage, temperature, and usage information from these labels. However, the Pro version removes the in-app ads and unlocks extra features. For more read visit here:

Source: more
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How To Find Hidden Apps On Android  
How To Find Hidden Apps In Settings

  1. Android phones also used to find secret apps.
  2. The Settings option accessed from here.
  3. To access the settings application, tap the Settings icon.
  4. Various options are available in Settings.
  5. You can find Apps and Notifications in the Apps section.
  6. Let’s see the applications list. To view all apps, select the option See all apps in browser history.
After that, your Android device will display all your apps. Furthermore, the ones that who hidden are included. Discovering how to find hidden apps ... more
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Why Oil Will Continue Rising In 2021  
We have noticed basic movements higher in the demanding oil rising benchmarks WTI and Brent in the end few months. Crude oil demand in benchmarks WTI and Brent higher in last some month. The appearance of real news on the Covid beginning caused certain information.
[Image: 2021-01-14_k0twncevex.jpg]

[color=#3d3d3d][size=x-large][font=Roboto, sans-serif][i][font=Roboto, sans-serif][b][color=#9b51e0]more
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