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[ecology] maintain optimism taking care of the earth
when forest fires occur, even in developed countries. I really regret that this happened.
although it happens almost every year. mostly in america, australia

while on other occasions, some promote reforestation.
Well, it can't be denied that this earth is one unit with life in it. even though forest fires in other countries, will affect the world's climatic conditions

Regardless of human development & political aspects, this time I focus on how to prevent forests from burning

Because of the importance of the existence of the forest, it simply needs strong maintenance and management. like guarding the defense of a 'holy country' maybe Cool , really serious, thorough, not careless.
It's ok for a country like America to take care of the forest, even though it's said to have expanded into outer space and other countries.
Regardless of the existing technology,
Because fires are often in the summer, that's when the vigilance is increased. as if I said it so easy ok. maybe it should be easy, for a country at the level of America. although I'm a little surprised why they can do that.
maybe appoint a special minister in protecting forests/plants
adding more officers, additional temporary emergency personnel during the summer

compared to the result of a fire which in addition to burning the plants themselves + the houses and property of the residents. Of course it costs less to hire additional officers.
Basically, you have to be able to

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