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SocRum Tutorials
Basic Tutorial

For those not familiar with web forums, or even a bit confused start. we give below the principal guides to be in the know.

to simply read the information, no registration required

search system
here are 4 search system

1. The common search system, the search box is always on the menu
  - Search results mixed, the entire sub-forum
  - Display search results in a more simple mobile version, can compare for yourself in the full version

2. Advanced Search, almost the same as the general search, there is only an additional option & more spesific.

3. The search in each and every sub forum topic

4. The search in each topic/thread (desktop version only)

Registration (Register)
if you want to make the topic of discussion will need to register (register) first. do the following:
note: although via mobile / smartphone, can register. if necessary the display can be replaced to FullVersion Theme (see footer)

for easy & fast resgister, you can try via 'Login with Facebook' button (if you already have a facebook account)

for register (non via facebook)
1. click the 'register' at the top right
2. The following will go see 'registration page'

provision :
- Username should not resemble the name of 'admin' or other staff, (eg admin1, ADMINISTRATOR, moderators, etc.). try the other public course
- Recommended use gmail email or yahoomail, which is a better security system. others also may
- For a security question, eg numbers, can write nominal '7' or use the letter 'seven'
- Additional provisions and the underlying purpose of advanced

after the check, then 'Submit Registration'

3. register successfully

4. confirmation to your email address for activation

if so, when it should be noted username and password, so do not forget.

after successfully register, you can participate comment / response, create topics, private message (PM) to other members, create polls, etc.

How to joint comment / reply
previous login / sign in first (because the 'comment' not sticking when not logged in)

Here there are two options how:
1. quick reply/comment
suitable for simple reply and rather short.
located at the bottom of topic page. write your comments in the existing text box. and then press 'Post Reply'

2. detail reply
click the 'New Reply' button (right position slightly above and below),
- Will go to the page-making posts more detail. write your comments in the text box provided. after being convinced, then click the 'Post Reply' button. until your reply appear on related topics.

How to create topics
commonly called 'thread' elsewhere.
can form opinions, musings, prose, ideas, suggestions etc. that want to be discussed in the forum.

how to make are as follows:
-login first
-Sign forum that you want, and then click the 'Post Thread' button.
-fill title topic, then write content = articles, opinions, description, etc.
-after confident with its contents, then click 'Post Thread'. usually the creator of the topic called TS (thread starter)
-after appear, the topic you created can be edited. ie by clicking the 'Edit' button (if via desktop version select full / simple)
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upload images

to upload additional images, can use the facility "Attachment". do the following:
-edit your topic by clicking the edit button. at the bottom will be seen Attachment,

note: while large file attachments is limited only two image files only per-topic, one image max 100Kb. Quota per user with 1MB
(Policies can be changed according to situation and condition, and also these image upload system we will to try improve)

if you still want to add more pictures, use 'insert image' button on text editor (desktop version)

upload your first image on the site such as , imgur, etc. (free register).
file size should be adjusted, do not be too large. in order to upload faster & quick access when opened
after upload finished, you will get 'direct url code' = image url. then copy & put on 'insert image'

or you can do manually
way of writing :
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making spoiler

What it is spoiler?
spoiler is a way to hide text or image. Usually the text is long, and suitable for use in a post that contains many images. In order not heavy topic page in Access

example text spoiler

Spoiler: title2
your message

way of writing :
[spoiler=title2]your message[/spoiler]

example image spoiler

Spoiler: title5
[Image: N7V6GQi.png]

way of writing :
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