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Differences facebook (group) vs web forum
Each of these actually had an early goal difference, although in its development are equally add a complementary feature.
but both still have a striking difference

certainly advantages facebook a lot, but this time I am going to argue about the advantages of web forums than with facebook

> Facebook need to login first in order to see the 'most' of the page.
so as to simply find and read the article, you throw one step.
Also to see, create content(new topic, comment) in specific categories, need to join the group first in related categories. Sometimes there are waiting aproval posts.

> In web forums (such agnostictalk), the page posts / comments divided by per-page (paging/pagination), so if we want to find old posts / comments more comfortable, just looking at the early page. but in Facebook needs to drag the cursor down and loading, if posting so a lot the loading more longer, so it is rather complicated to trace posts

> on facebook, if there were a lot of comments, some will be hidden (rolled up). so a bit troublesome when reviewing each comment. web forums are not so

> Search system on the web forum could be more specific, the search results page is also more comfortable to explore. There are filters to refine your search as you wish, by each sub forums, by word on title/content, etc.

> facebook suitable for social media / friendship (find new friends + old friend who rarely see).
suitable sharing light status (kidding). opinion that sensitive matters in Fb even make friends became estranged
Or need to create another account (secondary=fake name) for certain purposes

> Facebook needs to make friends (add friend), to be able to see the posts / comments which are not our friends. in web forums are not.

other references :
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this forum is not to compete with a lot of agnostic facebook groups , just to complement each other.

other forums that similiar with
1. many visitors
2. many visitors
3. so quiet

1 & 2 using the same software with = mybb software, but theme & display agnostictalk a little nicer Jos
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